Tithe challenge

for ninety days,victory challenges you to test god and give a full 10% of your gross income.  if at the end of the ninety days you believe god has not proven his faithfulness, victory will refund your gifts made in the ninety-day period.

The challenge began on january 29, 2018, but there's still time.



It's All About The Heart:


others have experienced god's faithfulness in the challenge:

  • I've always tried to be a faithful giver, but hadn't adjusted my giving based on raises for the past couple of years.  But as soon as I readjusted to a full 10% tithe in 2018, my vehicle maintenance was free ("something in the system" marked it no charge), I locked in three tenants for the summer months, and my take-home went up as a result of the new tax act.  In my head, I thought that adjusting would put me in a bind, because there was nowhere else for me to bring in money.  Now I'm looking at an increase of nearly $9,000 take-home for the year that I hadn't expected before I changed to a full 10%.  He is faithful.

  • From day one that I started this challenge I was immediately blessed. I had been worrying about putting two of my three kids in braces, one already has them. I got a call that two were covered 100%, I found myself short on cash one week and got a call to make a crochet blanket for someone which got me through that week. I have been blessed to get enough taxes back to pay nearly all my debt off. But something that really stood out to me was yesterday when I turned in my time sheet at work I was adding up my hours and realized I would be two days short this check due to it being a 28 day month, I was stressing. I mentioned to my boss that we would be short two days when he said I thought you were salary, in which I told him no, I went on through the day and this morning I came into work with a check on my desk for the other two days I would have been lacking, which is a huge thing for me when you are paid every two weeks, this was totally a God thing. I just wanted to share, I know I am harvesting the fruit of the seeds I have sown. I have been blessed in health and so many other ways. I am just excited to be in this challenge.

  • We have been so blessed since starting the 90-day Tithe Challenge.  My husband's job is very hard on clothes and boots.  He was down to his last two pair of jeans and his boots were in horrible shape.  This stuff isn't cheap, so I was trying to fit it into our budget along with everything else that needed paid.  A coworker of his came in on Monday with a box of pants that were basically brand new to give away, and every pair was exactly by husband's size.  And yesterday another coworker brought in a brand new pair of boots that his son had worn once and didn't like--they were exactly my husband's size!  None of these guys knew that my husband needed these items.  God provided!