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Victory church

At Victory, everyone is welcome, because nobody is perfect and anything is possible.  We believe god loves all people, and we seek to show that same love to others with open arms. At victory, you will experience the presence of god, learn the word of god, and have the opportunity to grow your relationship with god through insightful messages, excited worship, relevant programs, and opportunities to serve.

There's a seat at the table for you.

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victory youth

Victory youth is about helping students in grades 5-12 to live the victorious life through christ with a blend of relevant messages, dynamic music, and opportunities to make friends, serve, and grow in the love of christ.

Victory youth is the perfect way for young people to get plugged in to Victory.


victory kids

victory considers it the highest priority and privilege to provide a secure and engaging environment for children aged birth to fourth grade.  Victory staff is background-checked, trained, and knowledgeable, ensuring that victory provides a safe, fun experience while engaging your children with age-appropriate content to help them learn more about christ.

Victory knows how important your children are.

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victory volunteers

when everyone uses their gifts to serve, we are an unstoppable force for good.  victory volunteer teams give you an opportunity to discover, develop, and deploy your god-given gifts. victory 101 is a short class designed to give an inside look at victory, and to help you find the best way to serve. victory 101 is offered once each month At victory church.

This is how we change the world.

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victory music

Victory Music strives to lead and join the congregation in all-out, uncompromised free worship.  We aim to accomplish this by creating an environment where we can gather uninterrupted in the open expression of praise to God.  We apply our skills in music, creativity, and production to foster an inviting, exciting atmosphere of worship.

Praise and worship is an expression of faith, and a declaration of victory.

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